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Goodbye From Deadly Submarine

Deadly Submarine to close


Our original pieces cover Tranmere Rovers FC and the wider football world

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Tranmere's Terrific Twelve

Rovers' EFL return has been nothing short of brilliant

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No To Under-21 Teams

The SWA's chance to unequivocally reject academies

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“Never Heard Of Them”

Exploring left field playing acquistions

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Countdown to League Two 2018-19

01 Day — 1st season back: predictions for 2018-19


Profiles of the current Tranmere Rovers squad

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Whilst our support for TRFC is permanent, the playing staff representing the Club is ever-changing. From former clubs to personal achievements, our player profiles will provide you with some of the most comprehensive background information about the current Tranmere Rovers squad.

Our player profiles are…

…accompanied by a custom player artwork
…organised by squad number for easier navigation
…designed to emphasise key achievements
…continuously updated with every transfer and loan


Iconic people, records and moments from the history of Tranmere Rovers

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Rovers Remembrance

TRFC players who sacrificed during WWI and WWII.

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2010s Icons - Part One

Icons from the most testing decade in the Club's history.

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2000s Icons - Part One

Icons from a decade of excitement and despair.

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1990s Icons - Part One

Icons from the Club's most successful era.


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